14th IEA - RFP Workshop

Consorzio RFX, Padova, ITALY, April 26th - 28th 2010


Monday, April 26th
Welcome chair: Masamune
Gnesotto Consorzio RFX (EU) Welcome
Martin Consorzio RFX (EU) The RFP IEA implementing agreement and its perspectives
MHD stability and its active control – 1 chair: Sarff
Drake Royal Institute of Technology (EU) Overview of active MHD control development on EXTRAP T2R
Drake Royal Institute of Technology (EU) Output tracking control for RWMs
Piron Consorzio RFX (EU) Control of tearing modes and error fields in RFX-mod
Wang Consorzio RFX (EU) Physics studies on RWM and feedback control in RFPs
Marchiori Consorzio RFX (EU) Advances in active control engineering
Zanca Consorzio RFX (EU) Perspectives of tearing mode control in RFX-mod
Frassinetti Royal Institute of Technology (EU) Tearing Modes dynamic with RMP
Piovesan Consorzio RFX (EU) MHD feedback control in RFX-mod tokamak plasmas
Transport - 1 chair: Drake
Chapman University of Wisconsin (USA) Improved confinement in MST associated with PPCD and QSH
Lorenzini Consorzio RFX (EU) Internal electron transport barriers in RFX-mod helical equilibria
Ding University of Wisconsin (USA) Electron density fluctuations and particle transport in MST
Almagri University of Wisconsin (USA) Non-collisional ion heating and magnetic turbulence in MST
Munaretto Consorzio RFX (EU) Wall-conditioning techniques in RFX-mod: status and perspectives
Den Hartog University of Wisconsin (USA) Electron temperature structures associated with magnetic tearing modes in MST
Tangri University of Wisconsin (USA) Gyrokinetic simulations of ion temperature gradient instability in the RFP
Welcome to RFX chair: Cavazzana
Zanotto Consorzio RFX (EU) RFX-mod: machine status and perspectives

Tuesday, April 27th
MHD: tearing dynamics, self-organization and feedback control chair: Frassinetti
Baruzzo Consorzio RFX (EU) RWM control under different coil configuration and implications for JT60-SA
Khalzov University of Wisconsin (USA) Self-organized states of the plasma pinch in standard and Hall MHD
Bonfiglio Consorzio RFX (EU) New prospects in MHD simulations in RFP
Onofri Università della Calabria (EU) Compressible MHD simulation of the RFP with anisotropic thermal conductivity
Three-dimensional physics chair: Carraro
Ida NIFS (Japan) Transport in three-dimensional magnetic field: examples from JT-60U and LHD
Escande CNRS and Consorzio RFX (EU) Single Helicity ohmic states: calculation and measurements
Masamune Kyoto Institute of Technology (Japan) Equilibrium and Stability of RELAX
Marrelli Consorzio RFX (EU) Neoclassical transport in helical RFX-mod plasmas
Martines Consorzio RFX (EU) The SHeq code: an equilibrium calculation tool for SHAx states
Sanpei Kyoto Institute of Technology (Japan)

Helically deformed plasma in RELAX -experiments and 3-D MHD simulation-

Terranova Consorzio RFX (EU) Helical states with VMEC: equilibrium and physical constraints
Boozer PPPL-Columbia University (USA) Use of helical fields to allow a long pulse reversed field pinch
Bergerson University of Wisconsin (USA) Investigation of QSH conditions in MST with initial data of possible single helicity states
Fast particles, heating and current drive chair: Chapman
Zuin Consorzio RFX (EU) Alfvénic modes in RFX-mod
Forest University of Wisconsin (USA) Modeling of Toroidal Alfven Eigenmodes modes in the RFP
Anderson University of Wisconsin (USA) Radio-frequency current-drive experiments in MST
Mc Collam University of Wisconsin (USA) Equilibrium evolution, fluctuation and confinement in Oscillating Field Current Drive
King University of Wisconsin (USA) Numerical studies of two fluids tearing and dynamo in a cylindrical pinch
Nornberg University of Wisconsin (USA) Initial results from NBI injection in MST

Wednesday, April 28th
MHD and its active control – 2 chair: Almagri
Villone CREATE-Università di Cassino (EU) RWM realistic modelling for feedback control design in fusion devices
Soppelsa Consorzio RFX (EU) Modal decoupling in RFX-mod
Transport - 2 chair: Almagri
Guo Consorzio RFX (EU) Microturbulence in RFX-mod
Kumar University of Wisconsin (USA) Carbon impurity profiles in MST
Menmuir Consorzio RFX (EU) Impurity transport studies in RFX-mod
Scarin Consorzio RFX (EU) Plasma pressure gradients in the boundary of RFX-mod helical regimes
Dalla Palma Consorzio RFX (EU) RFX-mod thermal measurement system
Experiments in tokamak and stellarator and links with astrophysics chair: Sanpei
Valisa Consorzio RFX (EU) RFX-mod contributions to the international tokamak programme
Sarff University of Wisconsin (USA) Highlights of MST in CMSO: Contributions to astrophysics
Masamune Kyoto Institute of Technology (Japan) KIT contributions to LHD
Frassinetti Royal Institute of Technology (EU) Effects of non-axissymmetry on plasma rotation
Final session chair: Escande
Liu USTC Hefei (China) Fusion research in China and at USTC/Hefei

The IEA implementing agreement on Reversed Field Pinch research functions within a framework created by the International Energy Agency (IEA). Views, findings and publications of the IEA implementing agreement on Reversed Field Pinch research do not necessarily represent the views or policies of the IEA Secretariat or of all its individual member countries.

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