Remote handling system

The photograph shows the articulated arm inside the mock-up (30 toroidal degrees) of a vessel sector.


Since the vessel largest ports are the 12 equispaced pumping ports, with a 149 mm diameter no human operation inside the vessel is possible.

Thus a Remote Handling System (RHS) was built to carry out maintenance tasks such as:
1) removal and replacement of each graphite tile;
2) removal of graphite fragments or clamping system components from the bottom of the vessel;
3) inspection of the graphite first-wall.

Being the maximum arm cross section limited by the 149 mm diameter of the port, it was preferred to subdivide the toroidal workspace into twelve sectors, each of them extending over 36° to have a convenient overlap of 6° between adjacent sectors.

The main component of the RHS is a 5 degrees of freedom articulated arm, able to position two different end-effectors, both equipped with CCD TV cameras, in front of every point of a toroidal sector of the vessel.

The former is a special hand designed to act on the tile bayonet clamping system, the latter is a general purpose gripper. A sliding transporter, provided with another CCD TV camera, has been built to extract (introduce) the tiles from (into) the vessel through the adjacent pumping port.

The RHS has been extensively used inside the RFX vessel: up to now more than 200 tiles were replaced, two overall and several partial inspections of the first wall were executed.

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