The Opening session of the workshop and REGISTRATION on Monday morning will be held at the Main hall of the University of Padova (the ancient Bò palace).


The Conference desk will open for REGISTRATION at 7:45 am.


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The following sessions (from Monday afternoon till Friday) will be held at the conference venue, Centro culturale San Gaetano.

See the map for details on the location of the Bò Palace and Centro culturale San Gaetano. (click to open and download map) or see on Google Maps



The workshop will be held at Civic center of art and culture Altinate / San Gaetano in Padova downtown

The city space dedicated to exhibitions, performances and cultural events

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The Center

The renovation of the former Court House,  that before was a convent, saw the birth of the complex Altinate / San Gaetano, a civic center of art and culture used for exhibitions, shows and exhibitions, as well as hosting a rich library and the Youth Project . 
This new situation in the city, with a strong vocation to young people, is credited as a business location polyhedral addressed to contemporary art, photography and film. A place "all living", with its 12,000 square meters in which to socialize, study, attend concerts, plays, performances, lunch or a coffee and read a book or consulting it from the library or buying it in a modern music and book shop.



Historical Background

In 1582 the architect Vincenzo Scamozzi from Vicenza began working on the foundations of the church of San Gaetano. 
From 1693 to 1730 Father Raphael Savonarola made a series of works to complete the convent. 
On 2 February 1874 the Municipality of Padova acquired the stable building converting it into a civil court and correctional. 
On 12 February 1920 a terrible fire that broke out severely undermined the structure. It will be the engineer Tullio Paoletti who will reconstruct it, creating classic architecture with a touch of decorative geometric.


The Architecture
The Cultural Center is structured on 5 levels:

includes the polyvalent room (Auditorium), direction room, the speakers room and a  foyer.
The access from the ground floor is secured by a staircase, an internal lift and an outside entrance from via Lucatello with stairs and inclined plane in accordance with disabilities.
The polyvalent room, used for meetings, as a theater and film is structured with a capacity of 234 seats.
The excavation required to create the underground premises and to perform structural reinforcements, and revealed late medieval cobblestones and sediments. There will also be stratified archaeological finds from the Renaissance period to the Roman Period.
The numerous finds, medieval pottery, marble friezes with inscriptions and numerous amphorae, were transferred to the Museum of Piazza Eremitani.

Ground floor:
The main entrances, which was the former entrance to the Court House, is in the center of the building in Via
The ground floor has become a gallery, which develops from via Altinate to to via Lucatello.
The ground floor also houses exhibits geared towards contemporary art, which develop all the way up to the first floor.
The space of the cloister (Agorà), previously seat of the Court House now demolished, has become a large covered square aimed at big events. The Scene of Scamozzi (italian Renaissance architect and designer of the Venetian Republic) located on the north side of the cloister domates the Agorà.

First floor:
includes the central gallery, the exhibition space developed in 8 rooms, the exhibition way on the gallery of the cloister, the offices and the library archive.
Second floor:
includes the historical library, reading room, the cloister area and the offices of the “Youth Project“.
Third floor:
the third floor of the building  hosts other offices.



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