General information

Consorzio RFX was set up in 1996.

To prompt the cooperation between the partners and industrial environment upon the specific areas of activity.

Scientific and technological research activity in the field of controlled thermonuclear fusion, as a possible energy source.

Development of the RFX Project.

Design and realization of the Neutral Beam Injector (NBI) prototype for ITER.

Design, development and realization of new technologies, equipment and devices devoted to research activities and industrial developments.

Training activity of young physicists and engineers in close collaboration with Padova University.

Carried out by
A team of about 140 persons, of which 65 professionals and 75 administrative and technical support.


prof. F. Gnesotto
Vice President
dr. M. Conti

eng. R. Piovan
Deputy Director
dr. V. Antoni

The boards of Consorzio RFX are:

Administrative Board
V. Antoni, M. Conti, A. Pizzuto, M. Ripani, V. Vaccaro, G. Zollino, G. Zuccaro.

Scientific Board
T. Klinger, A. Pisent, M. Lontano, G. Mazzitelli, R. Piovan

Auditor Board
R. Fiocchi, R. Iaschi, M. Lorenzoni


A European Doctoral initiative on Fusion Science and Engineering has been undertaken among the Universities of Padova, Lisbon and Munich aiming at combining two formal participation modalities in the same Doctoral programme course.

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In this section, a combination of different educational and information content is given. Here you can download, for personal use, photo collections, videos, textbooks and brochures on fusion science and technology and on research at Consorzio RFX.

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