ITER FuseNet PhD event 2018


On 6 to 9 November 2018, one hundred and thirty-five fusion PhD students met in Cadarache at the ITER headquarters  to exchange with ITER experts abut their common passion : Fusion research.
Let's find out what the 6 PhDs from Consorzio RFX, who attended the event, think about this interesting experience:
Sylvestre Denizeau - “ITER needs so diverse competences that there is a risk to miss the global picture. Meeting other PhD students is a precious chance to broaden our understanding of this project. It also allowed me to sympathize with other people dedicated to fusion, and I think that building a united community of researchers is crucial to build ITER.”
Mattia Dan – “The phd event allowed me to compare my research work with the ones of other European phd students; despite the short time available for the poster session, my main impression was how little the research on NBIs is dealt with in Europe. Moreover I could appreciate ITER’s construction status; experts explained us the main issues for the fulfillment of the construction as well as the future operation plan.”
Dimitri Voltolina - "The FuseNet PhD event has been a great opportunity to meet the PhD colleagues and realize how the ITER project is really rapidly moving forward. We were about a hundred students, each working on a different topic, but also aware of the importance of sharing our activities. The ITER site is impressive and reveals all the complexity of the fusion project. It has been a pleasure realizing that we are collaborating with brilliant physicists and engineers for reaching one of the most challenging scientific objective of the 21th Century".
Carlo Poggi – “Fusenet PhD event was an amazing experience. We met PhD students and scientists from around Europe, sharing our passion and working on different aspects of fusion science, but all with the same common goal in mind, and we could concretely see where all these efforts are leading to during the visit to ITER construction site, which is progressing really fast towards the feasibility demonstration of fusion as a source of clean energy.”
Ferdinando Gasparini – “I think this PhD Event 2018 was a great opportunity to interconnect with other PhD students around Europe. This allowed me to discover that there are other students who are facing challenges similar to the ones I'm currently facing in my studies.”
 Gustavo Grenfell - "The PhD event 2018 was a great opportunity not only to visit ITER "in loco", but also to expand our scientific network by interacting with PhD students from all over Europe. I really enjoyed the event, I hope to participate next year."

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