Multichord vibration compensated MIR interferometer for density measurement

Main features Associated advantages
´╗┐Triple multichord interferometer´╗┐ High system reliability thanks to 3 fully independent modules
Mid-Infra Red (MIR) system (CO2 laser 10.6 micron) Small beam diameter for high space resolution & compact system
Two multichord modules (A and B) at one port mounted on Accurate density profile measure (presently 13 chords)
Granite C-frame with carriage system Easy alignment away from machine
2-chord module (C) at pellet injector port, 120┬░ toroidally from A and B modules Study local pellet ablation & toroidal propagation of density perturbations
40 MHz heterodyne system Fast response (>1MHz bandwidth)
Vibration compensation @3.4 or 5.4 micron High immunity to vibrations and optics damage
Beam reflection by in-vessel mirrors/corner cubes Outermost chords at only 21 mm from first wall

Drawing of the three interferometer modules and RFX device

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