PRIMA Cooling Plant gets the towers!

It’s quite a spring weather in Padova (Italy) when the two powerful cooling towers “Sabina” and “Benedetta” are lifted on the Building 2 roof of PRIMA complex.
With a power of around 3000 kW each (referred to average winter conditions, when full power-one hour pulse of MITICA experiment will be planned), the two towers will cool down the first water basin, connected to a secondary circuit and finally to SPIDER beam source, MITICA beam source and related power supplies and auxiliaries (like the -1 MV gas insulated line, procured by JADA, also under installation at PRIMA site).
The PRIMA cooling plant was awarded four years ago and it’s an European procurement (F4E-OPE-351); after the detailed design phase, on-site installation activities started in November, 2014 and are currently under execution, both for mechanical and electrical activities. On site acceptance tests of first plant stage (including SPIDER experiment and shared devices) are planned to be concluded before end of this year.


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