Phd Thesis Proposals - Cycle XXXI

ID Cycle Title Supervisor Status
22 XXXI Advancements in nonlinear 3D magnetohydrodynamic modeling of fusion plasmas:Self-consistent heat transport effects and plasma self-organization Daniele BONFIGLIO
1 XXXI Electromagnetic turbulence in helical and axisymmetric RFP plasmas Italo Predebon
2 XXXI Characterization of the three-dimensional edge of RFX-mod palsma Matteo AGOSTINI
5 XXXI Polarimetry on Magnetic Fusion Devices Alessandra CANTON
6 XXXI Development of the edge code SOLEDGE2D and its application to study edge transport and plasma-wall interaction in magnetic confinement fusion devices. Paolo INNOCENTE
9 XXXI Analysis of Soft X-ray Reconstructions and Electron Temperature in RFPs
10 XXXI Mechanisms for flow generation in plasmas Roberto PACCAGNELLA
11 XXXI Alternative solutions for the Improvement of NBI efficiency Giuseppe CHITARIN
12 XXXI Study of gas dynamics and its effect in injection systems for fusion devices
15 XXXI Modelling and exploitation of instrumentation for protection and operation of neutral beam injectors Mauro DALLA PALMA
17 XXXI Studies addressed to outline the conceptual design of the Plant Electrical System for a pulsed DEMO Elena Gaio
19 XXXI Energy recovery techniques for improvement of Neutral Beam Injection efficiency Loris ZANOTTO
22 XXXI Advancements in nonlinear 3D magnetohydrodynamic modeling of fusion plasmas. Self-consistent heat transport effects and plasma self-organization Daniele BONFIGLIO
31 XXXI Physics and Modelling of tokamak disruptions Roberto PACCAGNELLA
32 XXXI Development of dynamic analytical models of power systems useful to study the plant electrical system operation of fusion experimental facilities Elena Gaio
33 XXXI MHD stability limits of high- tokamak plasmas and their extension Paolo PIOVESAN
34 XXXI Development of steady-state magnetic field sensor for ITER HNB Giuseppe CHITARIN
21 XXXI The role of Fusion in long term energy scenarios Giuseppe ZOLLINO Assigned
35 XXXI Neutral Beam fast particle physics in fusion plasma integrated scenarios Tommaso Bolzonella Assigned

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