The Veneto Region Por/Fesr project

Meccanica Innovativa e Additiva Integrata: il VenetO
(Innovative Mechanics and Integrated Additive: Veneto)
from research to opportunities
in the current and future market

Consorzio RFX, thanks to the MIAIVO project (Innovative Mechanics and Integrated Additive: Veneto from research to opportunities in the current and future market), had the opportunity to start the upgrade work on the RFX-mod2 machine.
RFX-mod2 is one of the main experimental machines present at Consorzio RFX and the largest experiment in the world for the study of plasma physics in the RFP configuration.

MIAIVO is a concrete opportunity to create a synergy between the creation of research equipment with high performance and industrial innovation.

The project, launched in 2018 thanks to a call from the Veneto Region, as part of the POR FESR 2014-2020 project, is aimed at achieving a significant increase in investment in industrial research and experimental development by Veneto companies, obtainable through a consolidation of relations with the world of research. Thanks to MIAIVO it was possible to start working on the development of the innovative technologies required to perform the improvements to the RFX-mod2 system such as: surface treatment of materials, construction of components for vacuum chambers with high-performance polymeric materials, construction of metal components by additive manufacturing.

Through this project, not only will the experimental activity on the physics of fusion plasmas be resumed with a machine with the best performance, but innovative processes will be activated in companies, with expected repercussions in specific sectors of activity, thanks to the realization of complex devices for research of large scale, which require high performance and innovative technologies.

The MIAIVO project is carried out by Consorzio RFX in collaboration with some companies of the Industrial District of the Veneto Region “Meccanica dell’Alto Vicentino” (Alca Technology, SISMA group and Zanon Pressure Equipment, which took over the work from the Ettore Zanon company) with the support of the Veneto Productivity Center Foundation with the role of legal entity representing the project team vis-à-vis the Veneto Region.

Brochure prodotta nel 2019

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