Erasmus, Schools and Internships


Erasmus exchanges are active at the Department of Physics and Astronomy for students interested in spending a period abroad to follow courses or carry out a thesis on topics in Plasma Physics.
Erasmus agreements are currently active with:
Technical University of Eindhoven (NL), Department of Applied Physics 
Universite’ de Bordeaux (FR), Département Sciences de la Matière et du Rayonnement
Ludwig-Maximilians Universitaet (Monaco, FRG)

For information contact Prof. Leonardo Giudicotti

Introductory Plasma Schools

Carolus Magnus Summer School

The Carolus Magnus Summer School is dedicated to the theoretical and experimental aspects of high temperature plasmas confined in toroidal magnetic fields. This Summer School focuses on the physics of power generation using controlled nuclear fusion. Here, special emphasis is placed on tokamaks, but stellarators and other concepts of confinement are also discussed. The Summer School covers a wide area of topics, consult the website for more information.

Culham Summer School

The purpose of this Summer School is to provide an introduction to the fundamental principles of plasma physics, along with a broad understanding of its fields of application. Although a thorough knowledge of the subject is not required, familiarity with electromagnetism and applied mathematics at the first degree level will be useful. Consult the website for more information

Attendance at one or more of these schools is part of the educational offer of our PhD in “Fusion Science and Engineering”

Internships and international opportunities

ITER internships

The ITER Organization offers internship opportunities to undergraduate and postgraduate students with the aim of providing practical experience in their field of study, collaborating in an international, scientific and multicultural environment.
Internships are offered for up to six months, extendable up to one year (depending on the category). Learn more

FuseNet internships

FuseNet is an organization that promotes the training of future researchers in the Fusion sector. For this purpose it finances internships for the development of Master’s degree theses on Fusion in various research laboratories in Europe and in the world. Learn more