One of the objectives with which Consorzio RFX was established is the formation of a new group of Physicists and Engineers with a strong set of interdisciplinary skills useful for driving advances in the study and realization of fusion energy. This goal is achieved through:
– The offer of Batchelor’s and Master’s degree theses in Physics and Engineering to be carried out in our laboratories and under the supervision of researchers and professors working at Consorzio RFX
– The offer of a PhD course in Fusion Science and Engineering at the University of Padua, managed by the University Centre for Fusion Research and hosted at Consorzio RFX
– The offer of Erasmus, schools and internships on various topics related to plasma physics and engineering, for both undergraduate and doctorate students.

Degree Thesis
The RFX Consortium proposes Bachelor’s and Master’s degree theses to students of Physics and Engineering of the University of Padua on various study topics related to fusion.

PhD in Fusion Science and Engineering
In the academic year 2020/21 (XXXVI doctoral cycle), the Universities of Padua and Naples “Federico II” launched the inter-university Doctorate Course in “Fusion Science and Engineering” (FSE), with administrative headquarters in Padua

Erasmus, Schools and Internships
Courses and internships at the University of Padua and the RFX Consortium, International Schools, Exchange Programs and Internships: postgraduate possibilities