The RFX Consortium deals with research and development in the field of controlled thermonuclear fusion. The results obtained are highly relevant not only for their intrinsic value linked to the scientific objective, but also for the technical applications and the innovation processes that derive from them.

Listed below are the patents produced by the RFX Consortium, as “byproducts” of the research activity on engineering and physics of plasmas.


  • The room temperature ion source for the treatment of ocular surface infections: this license was acquired by a company in the sector that is developing a commercial product.

  • Vacuum Tight Threaded Junction (VTTJ), a new technique that is a viable alternative to welding. It allows making cold metal joints, suitable for critical working conditions, in an economical way.
  • The cold plasma source for accelerating blood clotting. This latest patent dedicated to patients operated on under anticoagulant therapy was developed with the University of Catanzaro and with the AIST of Tsukuba (Japan). It aims to facilitate the healing of surgical wounds of patients without having to stop anticoagulant therapy.

  • Modified version of the MPD space thruster (Magneto-Plasma-Dynamics). These thrusters allow propulsion in space thanks to the acceleration imparted to a plasma that is expelled from the thruster itself. Previous models were unstable and inefficient. The engine, developed at Consorzio RFX in collaboration with the Centrospazio di Pisa, meant that the instabilities decreased and there was a substantial increase in efficiency.

  • Low-temperature plasma treatments for textile fibers. Thanks to the treatment with a plasma source, the technology of this patent allows modifying some properties and conditions of the textile fibers to improve the color absorption.