The library has a book collection of about 3,000 volumes (the titles can be found here) and about 250 journals in the fields of physics and engineering, in particular plasma physics and industrial engineering, which can be consulted in part on-site and online from the Consorzio RFX intranet.

The Consorzio RFX library specializes in plasma physics, electromagnetism, electrical engineering and network theory, numerical methods for the study of electromagnetic fields and thermo-mechanical applications, automation and control systems, energy, electronic power applications, and data analysis. Selected books on pure and applied mathematics are also available.

There is also a collection of Conference Proceedings and a paper archive of scientific journals (from the 1960s to today) in the fields of physics, plasma physics and some engineering sectors.

The books, magazines and Proceedings can be consulted on site, in the reading room.

The library of the RFX Consortium belongs to the University Library System of the University of Padua.