Organizational matrix of Consorzio RFX

The organization of Consorzio RFX is laid out in a matrix structure containing the following research programs:
RFX and RFP Physics
Tokamak and Stellarator
Technology and Engineering Development
NBI Development
These programs are developed through the activity of physics and engineering groups and with the support of technical and administrative services, for a better optimization of human resources.

The PHYSICS GROUPS deal with carrying out research in these sectors:
– RFP physics and development of the RFX-mod2 project
– Physics and confinement of plasmas in Tokamak and Stellarator configurations
– Development of diagnostic systems
– Plasma theory and modeling

The ENGINEERING GROUPS are involved in carrying out research in these sectors:
– Automation and Information Engineering
– Thermomechanical, Vacuum and Plasma Engineering
– Magnetic Systems Engineering
– Power Supply Engineering

The research programs are part of the strategy of the European Fusion Program, which share a single objective: to achieve the production of electricity from hydrogen fusion reactions as soon as possible.