Visit the Consorzio RFX laboratories.

Consorzio RFX opens its doors to
at our experimental plants

Our researchers will accompany you to the beating heart of nuclear fusion research, revealing the secrets of fusion plasma physics and engineering with clarity and passion.

Why study nuclear fusion? How are the great fusion machines that will one day allow us to obtain the energy of the stars on Earth constructed? What is being done in Padua to make this project a reality? Our scientific guides will answer these and many other questions and curiosities that will arise during the visit.

mpianto NBTF con gli esperimenti SPIDER e MITICA
NBTF plant with the SPIDER and MITICA experiments

Thanks again for the opportunity given to our students. The general parent-teacher meeting was held yesterday and I received very positive feedback from the parents of the students involved in the experience.

Assembly room of RFX-mod2

The visits are aimed at secondary school students, university students and, more generally, groups of people interested in learning about the issues and solutions surrounding nuclear fusion.

The visit to Consorzio RFX was a truly meaningful experience for the students. Together with my colleagues, we would like to transform this occasion from a one-time trip to planned and repeated every year.


Some information:
The visit to Consorzio RFX is open to all people over the age of 12 and is free. Visits normally take place from Monday to Friday, between 9.30 and 16.30. Consorzio RFX can accommodate a maximum of 60 guests at a time. The tour lasts about 2 hours and includes an initial presentation on the global energy issue and nuclear fusion, followed by a visit to the experimental rooms, where the SPIDER, MITICA and RFX-mod2 experiments are installed.
No specific skills are required, although knowledge of electromagnetism helps in the understanding the topics covered.

In this time of COVID alert, face-to-face visits are suspended. It is however possible to visit the RFX Consortium remotely, through presentations, virtual visits to the plants, and live links with the Consorzio researchers to talk about nuclear fusion and research in the field of thermonuclear plasmas.

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    I included this visit as part of a larger project that we are exploring in which the students are asked to produce an artistic article of scientific inspiration. This way everyone is more involved. The visit therefore has the double aspect of real scientific information, and of stimulating the artistic imagination of the children, as well as a cultural expansion in a broad sense on the scientific activities that are happening in the Padua region.