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Communication, information and public outreach

Communication, information and public outreach are the three lines of activity with which Consorzio RFX is dedicated to promoting research on thermonuclear fusion in Padua, and in the broader context of international collaborations underway.

Our communication and information activity is in line with the provisions of the 2020 Public Communication Reform which suggests two ways to achieve these objectives: journalism and communication activities.

On the journalism side, the work involves the analysis and promotion of news of interest to the fusion community in Italy and abroad, preparing press releases, information, infographics and data collection and managing relations with the media.

Our latest press releases

Our communication activity focuses on public relations with citizens through events, public consultation and citizen satisfaction initiatives, with the preparation of informational material for greater civic participation, internal communication, laboratory identity management, external and institutional relations and, finally, with attention to international communication.

In this multimedia resource gallery you will find the most recent communication products of Consorzio RFX, divided by theme and type.


Rendering of the SPIDER negative ion source

The motivations behind fusion research and the great melting-pot of thought and realization that characterizes the life of our laboratory make the work of us scientific communicators challenging but fascinating. We feel the responsibility to translate these scientific concepts and discoveries for those who are not in the sector, to all citizens across the board.

And it is, in particular, to young people, to those who as adults will be able to take advantage of the results of this research, that we send this message:

Get to know fusion, the advantages of sustainability it can guarantee; support research and, if you think you want to invest your future in fusion, come and find out who we are.

Maria Teresa Orlando

Head of the External Relations and Communication Office

Maria Giovanna Romanelli

Staff of the external relations and communication office


Collaboration with children’s magazines

Release of the story “Mickey Mouse and the Master of darkness” in 2019.

A story dedicated to the SPIDER prototype, the most powerful negative ion source in the world.

TV crews