Industrial collaboration

Scientific progress advances through the development of technologies and experimental machines. Industry becomes an obligatory and indispensable partner, particularly in the construction of large experimental plants.

The construction and management of the large experimental plants at Consorzio RFX, together with technological innovation, has led to the creation of profitable and lasting collaborations with industry both at regional and international levels over the years.

The Innovative Mechanics and Integrated Additive manufacturing: Veneto project – from research to opportunities in the current and future market (MIAIVO), is currently underway, which has led to collaboration with companies in the “Meccanica dell Alto Vicentino” Industrial District of the Veneto Region. The companies involved in carrying out this project are: Alca Technology, SISMA group and Zanon Pressure Equipment, the latter taking over from the Ettore Zanon company during construction.

Alcune delle aziende che hanno collaborato con il Consorzio RFX

At the international level, the construction of the Neutral Beam Test Facility (NBTF), for the design and testing of ITER’s main heating system, has led to numerous industrial collaborations nationally and internationally. Funding for NBTF supplies is managed by Fusion for Energy and EUROfusion.
Italian industrial excellence has asserted itself internationally, obtaining 80% of the supplies for the construction of the SPIDER and MITICA experiments; some examples are: OCEM – Valsamoggia (BO)COELME – Santa Maria di Sala (VE)CECOM – Guidonia (Roma)Angelantoni – Massa Martana (PG)DELTA-TI Impianti – Rivoli (TO), De Pretto – Schio (VI)Nidec ASI – MilanoSynecom – Bergamo.