«Technology includes all tools, machines, utensils, weapons, instruments, housing, clothing, communicating and transporting devices and the skills by which we produce and use them.»

Read Bain 1937

Among the statutory objectives of Consorzio RFX, alongside research and training, there is innovation that is generated through the development of new technologies.
The close collaboration between engineers and physicists, with the support of specialized technical personnel, has meant that in our work the great technical challenges for the production of fusion energy were a stimulus for the development of new technologies also in different fields.

Technological development at RFX is pursued in collaboration with companies, this leads to the growth of skills in the companies themselves and to the production of machinery and technical solutions that do not exist in the market.

The technologies developed by Consorzio RFX as part of regional and international projects

The ITER international project, aimed at demonstrating the feasibility of fusion as an energy source, has entrusted Consorzio RFX with the development and testing of the two prototypes of the main plasma heating system for the fusion reactor under construction in France. Within this project, various technologies are developed, in particular through experiments in support of the two main prototypes SPIDER and MITICA.

  • CATS, for the study of the cesium oven to be applied to SPIDER
  • HVRFTF, for the study of the voltage resistance of small components subject to radio frequency electric fields
  • HVSGTF, to measure high vacuum currents between electrodes at a short distance
  • HVPTF, to test the best technology suitable to reach the potential difference of 1 Million Volt in continuous operation

At the regional level, Consorzio RFX, in collaboration with companies in the industrial mechanical district in the upper Vicenza area, has obtained funding for the development of the MIAIVO project as part of the Por / Fesr program of the Veneto Region to make major improvements to the RFX-mod experimental machine. The MIAIVO project, currently under construction, is aimed at developing innovative technologies in the field of surface deposition of thin films, in the sector of materials for components that can be used in ultra-high vacuum conditions, and in the production of metal components by additive manufacturing.