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International Joint Doctorate in Fusion Science and Engineering - Totally taught in English

With this doctoral course we aim to improve the present educational system in the area of fusion,

moreover we aim at providing the European Community with new young scientists, capable to cope with the activities on physics and engineering necessary to realize next experiments (e.g. ITER, JT-60SA) the subsequent demonstrative reactor(s), DEMO(S), and, at the end, the commercial thermonuclear reactors. 


Ph.D. thesis Topics proposals


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Centro Ricerche Fusione/Padova University -  Corso Stati Uniti, 4  -  35127 Padova  Italy

in collaboration with the research pole Consorzio RFX  that associates industries and Institutions

including  ENEA, CNR, National Institut of nuclear Physics (INFN)  and Acciaierie Venete












Consorzio RFX has a quality management system that meets the ISO 9001 standard.
The  form  claim & suggestion  is available to collect complaints or suggestions from the students.