A new and important milestone reached in Padua: the closing of the RFX-mod2 vacuum vessel

05/04/2023 Uncategorized

It happened yesterday evening, in the assembly hall of the RFX experiment where the pre-assembly activities of the RFX-mod2 toroidal complex are proceeding as planned with the involvement of the technicians of the RFX Consortium and of the Brembana&Rolle company.

The 4 upper and lower parts of the toroidal steel structure were first joined and then mechanically superimposed on each other to form the new vacuum vessel which will contain the RFX-mod2 plasma.

This is the first step of the toroidal complex assembly, which precedes that of the components that will be hosted inside.

The pre-assembly of the copper shell will require a few months of meticulous interface checks between the graphite ‘first wall’ and the “in-vessel” electromagnetic sensors, before their final insertion inside the vacuum vessel.