Smart Working at RFX

From May 4th 2020, after the go-ahead from the Italian Government, activities resumed at Consorzio RFX. Laboratories and construction sites have been reopened and experimental campaigns have been restarted, in particular that of the SPIDER experiment, the most powerful negative ion source in the world. All in full compliance with the rules of distancing and safety at work, keeping all the activities that did not require a presence in the office in remote working.

The heads of the research groups were invited to coordinate staff returns to ensure that the activity was carried out efficiently with the least number of people in attendance. This was an effort that led to excellent coordination of the work and is to be included in the roadmaps of the experimentation underway in the various sectors of interest of Consorzio RFX.

Between June and August 2020, attendance fluctuated between 30% and 35%. From September 2020 there was a peak of work in presence which reached 55%, which returned to below 50% in December 2020. Currently, the attendance on-site is between 55% and 60%.

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