List of contractors

For the construction of the RFX plant, a large number of firms has been involved.

Among them, the main contractors have been:

ENEL - Roma Italy
High Voltage Line

Nuova IEL S.p.A. - Legnano Milano Italy
High Voltage Pulsed Transformers

Passoni & Villa S.p.A. - Milano Italy
Capacitor banks

Digital Equipment S.p.A. - Cinisello Balsamo Milano Italy
Computers for control and data acquisition

Ansaldo Sistemi Industriali - Genova Italy
AC/DC converters

Tecnomasio Italiano - Brown Boveri S.p.A. - Milano Italy
Magnetizing winding

GEC - Alsthom S.A. - Belfort France
Field shaping winding

Siemens A.G. - Erlangen Germany
Switching units
Fast insertion and switching system

Leybold A.G. - Colonia Germany
Vacuum and gas injection system

De Pretto Escher Wyss S.r.L. - Schio Vicenza France
Vacuum vessel and shell

Nuova Magrini Galileo S.p.A. - Torino Italia
Special crane

Jaumont Schneider Industrie - Puteaux France
Toroidal field winding

FIAT - Ciei S.p.A. - Torino Italy
MEchanical structure

Le Carbone Lorraine - Gennevilliers France
Graphite first wall

Sime Sistemi S.p.A. - Firenze Italy
Power pulse transmission net work

Ansaldo Ricerche S.r.l. - Genova Italy
In-vessel remote handling system
Glow discharge cleaning system

Ansaldo Industria S.p.A. - Milano Italy
Fault detection and protection system

Mazzalai Costruzioni Generali - Trento Italy
380 kV substation

E. Zanon S.p.A. - Schio Vicenza Italy
Vacuum vessel cooling system

S.I.C.E.R. S.a.S. -Sarmeola Padova Italy
Winding cooling system

O.C.E.M. S.p.A. - San Giorgio di Piano Bologna Italy
Special power supplies

Bertolotti S.p.A. - Incisa Valdarno Firenze Italy
Low-vibration structure and inertial platform

L. Gemmo & F. snc - Thiene Vicenza Italy
AC electrical plants

Elettromeccanica Viotto S.r.L. - San Donà di Piave Venezia Italy
Auxiliary mechanical components

E.E.I. S.r.L. - Vicenza Italy
AC/DC converters for feedback control

FARRAN TECHNOLOGY Ltd - Ballincollig Cork Ireland
Microwave reflectometer

RISØ National Laboratory - Roskilde Denmark
Pellet injectior

Physikalisch Technische Studien GmbH - Freiburg Germany
Bolometric and SXR tomography

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