Load assembly and mechanical structure


RFX machine consists of a load assembly, power supplies, control system, diagnostic system, power substation and auxiliary facilities.

RFX load assembly and mechanical structure are shown in Figure. The main parameters are listed in the Table 1. The vacuum vessel is an all-welded, rigid structure made of INCONEL 625, composed of 72 wedge-shaped elements, each of them consisting of a sandwich structure. The toroidal loop resistance of the vacuum vessel is 1.1mOhm.

The plasma-facing surface of the vessel is fully covered by 2016 graphite tiles, acting like an armour against heat pulses coming from the plasma. The vacuum vessel is bakeable at a temperature beyond 350°C.


Attached to the vacuum vessel are electromagnetic and piezoelectric gas valves and vacuum manifolds.

The vacuum vessel of RFX is closely surrounded by an aluminium alloy shell that performs three major roles:

1- is the main stabilizing wall against MHD instabilities;

2- contributes in a passive way to plasma horizontal equilibrium, working together with eight vertical  field amplifiers;

3- acts as the internal mechanical structure, supporting the vacuum vessel, the 48 toroidal field coils and, by means of the 24 supporting rings, the 12 field shaping coils.

The main components of the RFX Magnet System are Poloidal Field Windings and Toroidal Field Winding.

The flux swing of the ohmic heating system is 15 Vs and the maximum induced loop voltage is 700 V.

The maximum peak power of an RFX pulse requires 200 MVA to be taken from the 400 kV 50 Hz Italian grid. The power received from the network is then transformed to 21.6 kV and distributed to various RFX loads.



Major Radius, R (m)
Minor Radius, a (m)
Maximum plasma current,I (MA)
Maximum applied toroidal field (T)
Current rise time (ms)
Flat top time (ms)
Core flux swing (V.s)
Inductive storage (MJ)

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