RFX location

Consorzio RFX is situated to the south of Padova city, about 6 km from the center and 45 Km from the Venice International Airport
Facilities are located inside the Padova Research Area of National Council of Research (CNR).

Postal address: Corso Stati Uniti 4 35127 Padova Italy.

How to get here

By plane:
To arrive in Padua by plane, the closest airport is in Venice (VCE). All major European airlines serve the Venice Airport. To get to Padua you can then use a special shared taxi service which operates around the clock (24hrs) bringing people from the airport to Padova for 26,00 € operated by "Airservice" per person.


This service requires a pre-booking at least 24hrs before arrival. Otherwise, on exit from the airport there are several buses to the train station Mestre-Venezia where there are trains directly to Padua, (trains run almost on the half hour). 
There is also a direct bus to the city which stops at Pizzale Boschetti, bringing you into the historical center of Padova. Bus is operated by "SITA". From Piazzale Boschetti You can take "Radio Taxi" at the following phone number 049651333 or the No.7 local bus which stops on Corso Stati Uniti to get easily to Consorzio RFX.
A private Taxi service can bring you from Venice airport to Padua in 45 mins at a cost of around 100,00 €.


By car:
Padova is accessible by car from the A4 (Milan-Padua-Venice) motorway (highway) and from the A13 (Bologne-Padua-Venice).

Exit the motorway at the sign for "Padova zona industriale" (Padua industrial zone) from where it is only 3km to Consorzio RFX.

By train:
The main train lines are the Milan-Venice and Rome-Venice lines.
Most of the trains stop in Padua.

FF.SS. Railwais

To get to Consorzio RFX you can use "Radio TAXI" contactable at the following phone number 049651333 or the the No.7 bus from directly in front of the station to Corso Stati Uniti.



Consorzio RFX emplacement in Padova

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A European Doctoral initiative on Fusion Science and Engineering is active: information are available in the web site.



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In this section, a combination of different educational and information content is given. Here you can download, for personal use, photo collections, videos, textbooks and brochures on fusion science and technology and on research at Consorzio RFX.

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