Shell, vessel and first wall

The first wall

The RFX first wall is composed of 2016 trapezoidal graphite tiles (72 in the toroidal direction, 28 in the poloidal direction); it is only 18 mm thick, to keep the plasma edge as near as possible to the stabilizing shell.

The choice was based on the following considerations:
- a metallic wall (with or without   metallic    limiters) would produce high-  Z    contamination and could be   seriously    damaged by thermal flux   concentration;
- a metallic wall with low-Z limiters would    produce both high-Z and low-Z    contamination; the metallic wall could be    damaged during badly controlled pulses    or fast current terminations;
- low-Z limiters on a low-Z armor would    increase plasma-shell separation and    would concentrate transport losses on    small surfaces with enhanced erosion.




Major radius

1995 mm
Inner minor radius excluding armour (ambient temperature) 475 mm
Overall thickness 30 mm
Evacuated volume 9 m3
Mass 400 kg
Toroidal resistance 1,1 mOhm
Transverse field diffusion time constant 2.1 ms
Material Inconel 625
Number of ports 96



The vacuum vessel

The RFX vacuum vessel is comprised of 72 wedge-shaped elements, each of which consists of a sandwich structure, with a 2 mm thick inner wall and a 1 mm thick outer wall connected together by a 0.5 mm corrugated sheet and two poloidal stiffening end rings, welded to the inner and the outer walls.

The thicker end ring bears the 28 equispaced holes housing the supports for the first wall tiles, and provides the required stiffness, whereas the thinner one is only required to close the structure and for joining.

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