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Pubblicazioni 2021 Riviste nazionali e internazionali

Alternative Definitions of Complexity for Practical Applications of Model Selection Criteria
Murari R. Rossi, T. Craciunescu
Complexity, Open Access, 2021, (2021) n. 8887171

Investigation of the density shoulder formation by using self-consistent simulations of
plasma turbulence and neutral kinetic dynamics
Mancini, P. Ricci, N. Vianello, M. Giacomin, A. Coroado
Nucl Fusion, 61, 12 (2021),

Study of rf stray currents in iter neutral beam test facilities
Casagrande, A. Maistrello, M. De Nardi, M. Dan, M. Recchia
Appl. Sci. (Switzerland), 11, 23 (2021),

Application studies of the modular multilevel converter topology to the acceleration grid power supply of the DEMO neutral beam injector
D. Ratti, A. Ferro, F. Santoro, E. Gaio
Fusion Eng Des, 173 (2021);

First results from beam emission spectroscopy in SPIDER negative ion source
M. Barbisan, B. Zaniol, R. Pasqualotto, G. Serianni, M. Ugoletti
Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion, 63, 12 (2021);

Power supply system for large negative ion sources: Early operation experience on the SPIDER experiment
A. Zamengo, M. Bigi, A. Maistrello, M. Recchia
Fusion Eng Des, 173 (2021),

Feasibility study of RFX-mod2 performance improvement by additional magnetic energy storage
F. Lunardon, A. Maistrello, E. Gaio, R. Piovan
Fusion Eng Des, 173 (2021),

Application of a Stochastic Multicriteria Acceptability Analysis to support decision-making within a macro-scale energy model: Case study of the electrification of the road European transport sector
D. Lerede, G. Pinto, M. Saccone, C. Bustreo, A. Capozzoli, L. Savoldi
Energy, 236 (2021),

SIMS and HR-XPS characterization of lithiated graphite from the magnetic fusion device RFX-mod
B. Rais, E.T. Ostrowski, A. Canton, C.H. Skinner, S. Barison, S. Fiameni, B.E. Koel
Appl Surf Sci, 567 (2021),

Plasma-activated water triggers rapid and sustained cytosolic Ca2+ elevations in arabidopsis thaliana
E. Cortese, A.G. Settimi, S. Pettenuzzo, L. Cappellin, A. Galenda, A. Famengo, M. Dabalà, V. Antoni, L. Navazio
Plants, 10, 11 (2021),

Collisionless losses of fast ions in the divertor tokamak test due to toroidal field ripple
G. Spizzo, M. Gobbin, P. Agostinetti, R. Albanese, R. Ambrosino, I. Casiraghi, M. Cecconello, M.V. Falessi, G. Granucci, P. Mantica, P. Martin, M. Vallar, P. Vincenzi, G. Vlad, R.B. White, F. Zonca
Nucl Fusion, 61, 11 (2021),

PHAD: A phase-oriented disruption prediction strategy for avoidance, prevention, and mitigation in JET
G.A. Rattá, J. Vega, A. Murari, D. Gadariya
Nucl Fusion, 61, 11 (2021),

Resistive wall mode stability and resonant field amplification in MAST high beta plasma
Y. Liu, A. Kirk, D.L. Keeling, L. Kogan, X.D. Du, L. Li, L. Piron, D.A. Ryan, A.D. Turnbull
Nucl Fusion, 61, 11 (2021),

The isotope effects in RFP magnetic configuration
R. Lorenzini, M. Gobbin
Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion, 63, 11 (2021),

Could clean industrial progresses and the rise of electricity demand foster the penetration of nuclear fusion in the European energy mix?
D. Lerede, M. Saccone, C. Bustreo, F. Gracceva, L. Savoldi
Fusion Eng Des, 172 (2021),

Design and procurement of the Drying System for SPIDER beam source
F. Fellin, M.D. Palma, P. Tinti, P. Zaccaria, M. Zaupa
Fusion Eng Des, 172 (2021),

Thermal quench and current profile relaxation dynamics in massive-material-injection-triggered tokamak disruptions
E. Nardon, D. Hu, F.J. Artola, D. Bonfiglio, M. Hoelzl, A. Boboc, P. Carvalho, S. Gerasimov, G. Huijsmans, V. Mitterauer, N. Schwarz, H. Sun
Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion, 63, 11 (2021),

First principle-based multi-channel integrated modelling in support of the design of the Divertor Tokamak Test facility
I.Casiraghi, P. Mantica, F. Koechl, R. Ambrosino, B. Baiocchi, A. Castaldo, J. Citrin, M. Dicorato, L. Frassinetti, A. Mariani, P. Vincenzi, P. Agostinetti, L. Aucone, L. Balbinot, S. Ceccuzzi, L. Figini, G. Granucci, P. Innocente, T. Johnson, H. Nyström, M. Valisa
Nucl Fusion, 61, 11 (2021),

Characterization and operational stability of EJ276 plastic scintillator-based detector for neutron spectroscopy
O. McCormack, L. Giacomelli, G. Croci, A. Muraro, G. Gorini, G. Grosso, R. Pasqualotto, E. Perelli Cippo, M. Rebai, D. Rigamonti, M. Tardocchi
Instrum., 16, 10 (2021),

Accelerating the charge inversion algorithm with hierarchical matrices for gas insulated systems
F. Lucchini, N. Marconato
Phys.: Conf. Ser. 2090 012136 (2021), 10th International Conference on Mathematical Modeling in Physical Sciences (IC-MSQUARE 2021) (Virtual)

A comparison between current-based integral equations approaches for eddy current problems
F. Lucchini, N. Marconato
Phys.: Conf. Ser. 2090 012137 (2021), 10th International Conference on Mathematical Modeling in Physical Sciences (IC-MSQUARE 2021) (Virtual)

Breakdown of adiabatic invariance of fast ions in spherical tokamaks
D.F. Escande, F. Sattin
Nucl Fusion, 61, 10 (2021),

Closed-form solution of adiabatic particle trajectories in axis-symmetric magnetic fields
F. Sattin, D.F. Escande
Symmetry, 13, 10 (2021),

The achievement of the T e,div feedback control by CD4seeding on EAST
K. Wu, Q. Yuan, G. Xu, L. Wang, D. Eldon, K. Li, X. Liu, L. Meng, L. Zhang, Y. Wang, Y. Duan, M. Chen, J. Liu, Z. Luo, G. Calabrò, B. Xiao, J. Barr, H. Guo, P. Innocente, J. Li
Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion, 63, 10 (2021),

On the role of dissociative recombination on the effectiveness of a plasma neutralizer in DEMO fusion plant
A. Pimazzoni, E. Sartori, G. Serianni
Fusion Eng Des, 171 (2021),

Key EU DEMO plant and building layout criteria
S. Ciattaglia, G. Federici, L. Barucca, M. de Magistris, E. Gaio, C. Gliss, M. Koerber, I. Moscato, M.T. Porfiri, F. Riedl, A. Tarallo
Fusion Eng Des, 171 (2021),

The beamline for the ITER heating neutral beam injectors: A case study for development and procurement of high heat flux components
M. Dalla Palma, R. Pasqualotto, E. Sartori, P. Tinti, P. Zaccaria, M. Zaupa, A. Krilov, A. Panasenkov, P. Blatchford, B. Chuilon, Y. Xue, S. Hanke, S.L. Ochoa Guaman, J. Graceffa, E. Bragulat, G. Micò Montava, J.F. Morenog Canamero
Fusion Eng Des, 171 (2021),

Development and validation of a special protection system for internal fault in a high-power three-level NPC VSC
M. Dan, L. Zanotto, E. Gaio, Panizza, C. Finotti, M. Perna
Energies, 14, 18 (2021),

Scaling laws of the energy confinement time in stellarators without renormalization factors
A. Murari, E. Peluso, J. Vega, J.M. García-Regaña, J.L. Velasco, G. Fuchert, M. Gelfusa
Nucl Fusion, 61, 9 (2021),

Improved treatment of the independent variables for the deployment of model selection criteria in the analysis of complex systems
L. Spolladore, M. Gelfusa, R. Rossi, A. Murari
Entropy, 23, 9 (2021),

Automatic optimization of gas insulated components based on the streamer inception criterion
F. Lucchini, N. Marconato, P. Bettini
Electronics (Switzerland), 10, 18 (2021),

Functional Analysis for the diagnostic systems to support the exploitation of the Divertor Tokamak Test facility
G. Tenaglia, F. Romanelli, S. La Rovere, G.M. Polli, L. Gabellieri, Valisa M.
Fusion Eng Des, 170 (2021),

Parameter dependencies of the experimental nitrogen concentration required for detachment on ASDEX Upgrade and JET
S.S. Henderson, M. Bernert, C. Giroud, D. Brida, M. Cavedon, P. David, R. Dux, J.R. Harrison, A. Huber, A. Kallenbach, J. Karhunen, B. Lomanowski, G. Matthews, A. Meigs, R.A. Pitts, F. Reimold, M.L. Reinke, S. Silburn, N. Vianello, S. Wiesen, M. Wischmeier, ASDEX Upgrade team  the EUROfusion MST1 team,  JET contributors
Nucl. Mater. Energy, 28 (2021),

Draining analyses of the primary cooling circuits of the SPIDER Beam Source
M. Zaupa, P. Tinti, M. Dalla Palma, F. Fellin, P. Zaccaria
Fusion Eng Des, 170 (2021),

Advanced high-performance processing tools for diagnostics and control in fusion devices
N. Cruz, A.J.N. Batista, J.M. Cardoso, B.B. Carvalho, P.F. Carvalho, A. Combo, M. Correia, A. Fernandes, R.C. Pereira, A.P. Rodrigues, B. Santos, J. Sousa, B. Gonçalves
Fusion Eng Des, 170 (2021),

Calorimeter conceptual design for Neutral Beam Injector of DTT – CFD optimisation and thermal stress analysis
B. Končar, D. Ovtar, O. Costa Garrido, P.Agostinetti
Fusion Eng Des, 170 (2021),

Modelling Fast Response Surface Thermocouple for Plasma Facing Components
M. Dalla Palma, M. Spolaore
IEEE Sensors Journal, 21, 16 (2021),

The helical resonator: A scheme for radio frequency plasma generation
E. Martines, R. Cavazzana, L. Cordaro, M. Zuin
Appl. Sci. (Switzerland), 11, 16 (2021),

Real-Time Implementation of the Neutron/Gamma Discrimination in an FPGA-Based DAQ MTCA  Platform Using a Convolutional Neural Network
M. Astrain, M. Ruiz, A. V. Stephen, R. Sarwar, A. Carpeño, S. Esquembri, A. Murari, F. Belli, Marco Riva,
IEEE Trans Nucl Sci, 68, 8, 2173-2178,

Demonstration of reduced neoclassical energy transport in Wendelstein 7-X
C.D. Beidler,  (N. Vianello, M. Zuin,)  the W7-X Team,
Nature, 596, 7871 (2021),

Latest experimental and theoretical advances in the production of negative ions in caesium-free plasmas
F. Taccogna, S. Bechu, A. Aanesland, P. Agostinetti, R. Agnello, S. Aleiferis, T. Angot, V. Antoni, M. Bacal, M. Barbisan, J. Bentounes, A. Bès, M. Capitelli, G. Cartry, M. Cavenago, R. Celiberto, G. Chitarin, R. Delogu, A. De Lorenzi, F. Esposito, M. Fadone, N. Ferron, G. Fubiani, I. Furno, L. Gavilan, P. Guittienne, A. Howling, R. Jacquier, A. Laricchiuta, J.M. Layet, J.L. Lemaire, S. Longo, B. Maurice, P. Minelli, M. Minissale, M. Mitrou, R. Moussaoui, A. Pimazzoni, C. Poggi, D. Rafalskyi, E. Salomon, E. Sartori, M. Sasao, G. Serianni, E. Spada, S. Suweis, P. Svarnas, L. Tahri, M. Ugoletti, V. Variale, P. Veltri
Eur. Phys. J. D, 75, 8 (2021),

Diagnostic Data Integration Using Deep Neural Networks for Real-Time Plasma Analysis
A. Rigoni Garola, R. Cavazzana, M. Gobbin, R.S. Delogu, G. Manduchi, C. Taliercio, A. Luchetta
IEEE Trans Nucl Sci, 68, 8 (2021),

First results of SPIDER beam characterization through the visible tomography
M. Ugoletti, M. Agostini, M. Brombin, F. Molon, R. Pasqualotto, G. Serianni
Fusion Eng Des, 169 (2021),

Conceptual design of the power supplies for DTT Neutral Beam Injector
A. Ferro, F. Lucchini, P. Agostinetti, D. Ratti, G. Granucci, A. Romano, R. Romano, A. Cucchiaro, A. Princiotta
Fusion Eng Des, 169 (2021),

Design of the new supporting structure for the passive stabilizing shell assembly of RFX-mod2
G. Berton, M. Bernardi, M. Dalla Palma, D. Marcuzzi, M. Pavei, S. Peruzzo
Fusion Eng Des, 169 (2021),

Development of the RAPTOR suite of codes towards real-time reconstruction of JET discharges
C. Piron, F. Felici, B. Faugeras, N. Ferron, G. Manduchi, N. Marconato, C. Meekes, L. Piron, Z. Stancar, D. Valcarcel, D. Voltolina, M. Weiland, the JET Contributors
Fusion Eng Des, 169 (2021),

Development of a set of movable electrostatic probes to characterize the plasma in the ITER neutral beam negative ion source prototype
E. Sartori, M. Brombin, B. Laterza, M. Zuin, R. Cavazzana, V. Cervaro, F. Degli Agostini, M. Fadone, D. Fasolo, L. Grando, P. Jain, M. Kisaki, A. Maistrello, G. Moro, A. Pimazzoni, C. Poggi, B. Segalini, A. Shepherd, M. Spolaore, C. Taliercio, M. Tollin, M. Ugoletti, P. Veltri, A. Zamengo, G. Serianni
Fusion Eng Des, 169 (2021),

Manufacturing, on-site installation and acceptance test activities of the MITICA vacuum vessel
M. Valente, S. Manfrin, P. Zaccaria, A. Barzon, F. Degli Agostini, D. Fasolo, F. Rossetto, M. Tollin, D. Bolcato, A. Parma, D. Ruaro, M. Zanotto, M. Casa, M. Giupponi, G. Micó Montava, J.F. Moreno, C. Rotti, M. Urbani
Fusion Eng Des, 169 (2021),

NetCausality: A time-delayed neural network tool for causality detection and analysis
R. Rossi, A. Murari, L. Martellucci, P. Gaudio
SoftwareX, 15 (2021),

Prediction of temperature barriers in weakly collisional plasmas by a Lagrangian coherent structures computational tool
G. Di Giannatale, D. Bonfiglio, S. Cappello, L. Chacón, M. Veranda
Nucl Fusion, 61, 7 (2021),

On combining the beam path of similar wavelength lasers for dual-laser Thomson scattering
O. McCormack, L. Giudicotti, A. Fassina, R. Pasqualotto
Rev. Sci. Instrum, 92, 7,

Model based computation of electromagnetic forces in magnetic confinement toroidal devices by using magnetic measurements
D. Abate, G. Marchiori, G. Berton, M. Bonotto, L. Cordaro, L. Grando, P. Bettini
Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion, 63, 7 (2021),

First tests and commissioning of the emittance scanner for SPIDER
D. Poggi, G. Berton, M. Brombin, F. Degli Agostini, D. Fasolo, L. Franchin, B. Laterza, R. Pasqualotto, D. Ravarotto, E. Sartori, C. Taliercio, M. Tollin, G. Serianni
Fusion Eng Des, 168 (2021),

Progress of DTT ECRH system design
S. Garavaglia, B. Baiocchi, A. Bruschi, D. Busi, F. Fanale, L. Figini, G. Granucci, A. Moro, P. Platania, N. Rispoli, A. Romano, A. Salvitti, E. Sartori, S. Schmuck, E. Vassallo
Fusion Eng Des, 168 (2021),

On the road to ITER NBIs: SPIDER improvement after first operation and MITICA construction progress
V. Toigo, D. Marcuzzi, G. Serianni, M. Boldrin, G. Chitarin, S.D. Bello, L. Grando, A. Luchetta, R. Pasqualotto, P. Zaccaria, L. Zanotto, R. Agnello, P. Agostinetti, M. Agostini, V. Antoni, D. Aprile, M. Barbisan, M. Battistella, G. Berton, M. Bigi, M. Brombin, V. Candeloro, A. Canton, R. Casagrande, C. Cavallini, R. Cavazzana, L. Cordaro, N. Cruz, M.D. Palma, M. Dan, A. De Lorenzi, R. Delogu, M. De Muri, S. Denizeau, M. Fadone, F. Fellin, A. Ferro, E. Gaio, F. Gasparini, C. Gasparrini, F. Gnesotto, P. Jain, P. Krastev, D. Lopez-Bruna, R. Lorenzini, A. Maistrello, G. Manduchi, S. Manfrin, N. Marconato, E. Martines, G. Martini, S. Martini, R. Milazzo, T. Patton, M. Pavei, S. Peruzzo, N. Pilan, A. Pimazzoni, C. Poggi, N. Pomaro, B. Pouradier-Duteil, M. Recchia, A. Rigoni-Garola, A. Rizzolo, E. Sartori, A. Shepherd, M. Siragusa, P. Sonato, A. Sottocornola, E. Spada, S. Spagnolo, M. Spolaore, C. Taliercio, D. Terranova, P. Tinti, P. Tomsič, L. Trevisan, M. Ugoletti, M. Valente, M. Vignando, R. Zagorski, A. Zamengo, B. Zaniol, M. Zaupa, M. Zuin, M. Cavenago, D. Boilson, C. Rotti, P. Veltri, H. Decamps, M. Dremel, J. Graceffa, F. Geli, M. Urbani, J. Zacks, T. Bonicelli, F. Paolucci, A. Garbuglia, G. Agarici, G. Gomez, D. Gutierrez, G. Kouzmenko, C. Labate, A. Masiello, G. Mico, J.-F. Moreno, V. Pilard, A. Rousseau, M. Simon, M. Kashiwagi, H. Tobari, K. Watanabe, T. Maejima, A. Kojima, E. Oshita, Y. Yamashita, S. Konno, M. Singh, A. Chakraborty, H. Patel, N.P. Singh, U. Fantz, F. Bonomo, S. Cristofaro, B. Heinemann, W. Kraus, C. Wimmer, D. Wünderlich, G. Fubiani, K. Tsumori, G. Croci, G. Gorini, O. McCormack, A. Muraro, M. Rebai, M. Tardocchi, L. Giacomelli, D. Rigamonti, F. Taccogna, D. Bruno, M. Rutigliano, M. D’Arienzo, A. Tonti, F. Panin
Fusion Eng Des, 168 (2021),

Design and test of a mitigation system against voltage ringing in MITICA Acceleration Grid Power Supply
M. Dan, L. Zanotto, C. Finotti, M. Perna, E. Merli, H. Decamps, D. Gutierrez, M. Huart
Fusion Eng Des, 168 (2021),

A maximum likelihood tomographic method applied to JET gamma ray emission during the current quench
M. Gelfusa, T. Craciunescu, E. Peluso, L. Giacomelli, V. Kiptily, C. Reux, G. Szepesi, A. Murari, J.E.T. Contributors
Fusion Eng Des, 168 (2021),

Application of the mirror procedure to the robustness and fault analysis of Divertor Tokamak Test facility
A.G. Chiariello, M. Baruzzo, R. Martone, A. Pironti, D. Terranova
Fusion Eng Des, 168 (2021),

Co-extracted electrons and beam inhomogeneity in the large negative ion source SPIDER
A. Pimazzoni, M. Agostini, M. Brombin, N. Marconato, E. Sartori, R. Pasqualotto, G. Serianni
Fusion Eng Des, 168 (2021),

Benchmark of beam acceleration codes on a high voltage negative ion accelerator for fusion with a new hypothesis on the beam meniscus
S. Denizeau, D. Aprile, P. Agostinetti, F. Veronese, T. Patton, A. Pimazzoni, J. Hiratsuka, M. Ichikawa, G.M. Saquilayan, A. Kojima, M. Kashiwagi, G. Chitarin
Fusion Eng Des, 168 (2021),

Assessment of measurement performance for a low field side IDTT plasma position reflectometry system
F. da Silva, J. Ferreira, J. Santos, S. Heuraux, E. Ricardo, G. De Masi, O. Tudisco, R. Cavazzana, O. D’Arcangelo
Fusion Eng Des, 168 (2021),

Magnetic confinement fusion-Experimental physics: Reversed field pinches
M. Zuin
Encyclopedia of Nuclear Ene., 524-553, (2021)

The role of 3D fields on runaway electron mitigation in ASDEX Upgrade: A numerical test particle approach
M. Gobbin, L. Marrelli, M. Valisa, L. Li, Y.Q. Liu, G. Papp, G. Pautasso, P.J. McCarthy
Nucl Fusion, 61, 6 (2021),

The JOREK non-linear extended MHD code and applications to large-scale instabilities and their control in magnetically confined fusion plasmas
M. Hoelzl, G.T.A. Huijsmans, S.J.P. Pamela, M. Bécoulet, E. Nardon, F.J. Artola, B. Nkonga, C.V. Atanasiu, V. Bandaru, A. Bhole, D. Bonfiglio, A. Cathey, O. Czarny, A. Dvornova, T. Fehér, A. Fil, E. Franck, S. Futatani, M. Gruca, H. Guillard, J.W. Haverkort, I. Holod, D. Hu, S.K. Kim, S.Q. Korving, L. Kos, I. Krebs, L. Kripner, G. Latu, F. Liu, P. Merkel, D. Meshcheriakov, V. Mitterauer, S. Mochalskyy, J.A. Morales, R. Nies, N. Nikulsin, F. Orain, J. Pratt, R. Ramasamy, P. Ramet, C. Reux, K. S rkim ki, N. Schwarz, P. Singh Verma, S.F. Smith, C. Sommariva, E. Strumberger, D.C. Van Vugt, M. Verbeek, E. Westerhof, F. Wieschollek, J. Zielinski
Nucl Fusion, 61, 6 (2021),

Optimization-oriented modelling of neutral beam injection for EU pulsed DEMO
P. Vincenzi, P. Agostinetti, J.F. Artaud, T. Bolzonella, T. Kurki-Suonio, M. Mattei, M. Vallar, J. Varje
Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion, 63, 6 (2021),

Quiescent regions below the X-point in ASDEX upgrade
R.D. Nem, P. Manz, J. Juul Rasmussen, N. Vianello, N. Walkden, V. Naulin, B. Sieglin, A. Herrmann, D. Brida,  the ASDEX Upgrade Team
Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion, 63, 6 (2021),

Impact of fine divertor geometrical features on the modelling of JET corner configurations
P. Tamain, H. Bufferand, G. Ciraolo, C. Giroud, Y. Marandet, F. Militello, D. Moulton, N. Vianello, JET contributors
Nucl. Mater. Energy, 27 (2021),

Study of the double null divertor configuration in DTT
P. Innocente, L. Balbinot, H. Bufferand, G. Ciraolo
Nucl. Mater. Energy, 27 (2021),

Error Fields’ Computation in the RFX-mod2 Reversed Field Pinch
P. Bettini, L. Marrelli, D. Voltolina, R. Cavazzana, G. Marchiori, N. Marconato, R. Specogna, G. Spizzo, R. Torchio, P. Zanca
IEEE Trans Magn, 57, 6 (2021),

TECXY simulations of Ne seeding in JET high power scenarios
P. Chmielewski, R. Zagórski, G. Telesca, M. Brix, A. Huber, I. Ivanova-Stanik, E. Kowalska-Strzeciwilk, T. Pereira, D.I. Réfy, P. Tamain, M. Vécsei, N. Vianello, the JET Contributors
Nucl. Mater. Energy, 27 (2021),

Development of DTT single null divertor scenario
L. Balbinot, G. Rubino, P. Innocente
Nucl. Mater. Energy, 27 (2021),

Conceptual design of a collimated neutron flux monitor and spectrometer for DTT
M. Cecconello, S. Conroy, G. Ericsson, J. Eriksson, A. Hjalmarsson, A. Sperduti, I. Casiraghi, P. Mantica, P. Vincenzi, T. Bolzonella, P. Agostinetti, R. Villari
Fusion Eng Des, 167 (2021),

Improvements in the SPIDER RF system
A. Maistrello, M. Recchia, A. Zamengo, M. Bernardi, G. Chitarin, M. Dan, F. Gasparini, P. Jain, M. Bigi, E. Gaio, D. Marcuzzi, M. Pavei, L. Zanotto
Fusion Eng Des, 167 (2021),

SPIDER Cs Ovens functional tests
M. De Muri, A. Rizzolo, E. Sartori, S. Cristofaro, M. Barbisan, M. Fadone, D. Ravarotto, R. Rizzieri, R. Capobianco, P. Cinetto, B. Laterza, F. Rossetto, M. Rancan, L. Armelao, C. Taliercio, G. Serianni, D. Marcuzzi
Fusion Eng Des, 167 (2021),

The upgrade of the control and data acquisition system of RFXMod2
G. Manduchi, A. Luchetta, C. Taliercio, A. Rigoni, G. Martini, R. Cavazzana, N. Ferron, P. Barbato, M. Breda, R. Capobianco, F. Molon, M. Moressa, P. Simionato, E. Zampiva
Fusion Eng Des, 167 (2021),

Interaction of Tearing Modes with Passive Structures in a Tokamak
P. Bettini, G. Spizzo, D. Voltolina, L. Marrelli, M. Maraschek, V. Igochine, R. Specogna
IEEE Trans Magn, 57, 6 (2021),

Development and first operation of a cavity ring down spectroscopy diagnostic in the negative ion source SPIDER
M. Barbisan, R. Pasqualotto, R. Agnello, M. Pilieci, G. Serianni, C. Taliercio, V. Cervaro, F. Rossetto, A. Tiso
Rev. Sci. Instrum, 92, 5 (2021),

First spatially resolved measurements of the D-3He α -particle source with the upgraded JET gamma-ray camera
E. Panontin, D. Rigamonti, M. Nocente, A. Dal Molin, A. Broslawski, T. Craciunescu, G. Croci, N. Cruz, J. Figueiredo, L. Giacomelli, G. Gorini, M. Gosk, G. Kaveney, Y.O. Kazakov, V. Kiptily, S. Korolczuk, G. Marcer, A. Murari, E. Perelli Cippo, M. Salewski, A. Urban, I. Zychor, M. Tardocchi
Rev. Sci. Instrum., 92, 5 (2021),

Could cold plasma act synergistically with allogeneic mesenchymal stem cells to improve wound skin regeneration in a large size animal model?
L. Melotti, T. Martinello, A. Perazzi, E. Martines, M. Zuin, D. Modenese, L. Cordaro, S. Ferro, L. Maccatrozzo, I. Iacopetti, M. Patruno
Res. Vet. Sci., 136 (2021),

Robustness of ZAO based NEG pump solutions for fusion applications
F. Siviero, L. Caruso, M. Mura, E. Maccallini, P. Manini, E. Sartori, M. Siragusa, S. Hanke, C. Day, P. Sonato
Fusion Eng Des, 166 (2021),

Progress in preparing real-time control schemes for Deuterium-Tritium operation in JET
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