Conferenze e Workshop


3-6 July 2022

FuseNet PhD Event 2022 (4-6 July 2022): Overview · Fusenet – Indico (Indico)
The three-day event, supported by the education platform FuseNet that will offer tremendous opportunities to PhD students to discuss and exchange with peers and researchers from the international fusion community.

2-7 October 2022

8th International symposium on Negative Ions, Beams and Sources – NIBS’22 (2-7 October 2022): Overview · Indico (
The 8th International Symposium on Negative Ions, Beams and Sources – NIBS2022 – will be hosted by Consorzio RFX, and will run from October 3 to October 7 in Padova, Italy, at the Orto Botanico venue, located in the city centre of Padova..

The International Symposium on Discharge and Electrical Insulation in Vacuum (ISDEIV) is a non-profit, international organization whose purpose is to encourage the advancement of the science and application of electrical insulation and discharges in vacuum, primarily by conducting symposia for the exchange of scientific information.

The aim of the conference is to provide a discussion forum covering all areas of fusion-oriented theoretical activities.

Negli anni precedenti
Vacuum arcs are a concern in nearly every vacuum device under electric field; consequently they are present in a very wide range of applications. Sometimes vacuum arcs form the basis for device operation, but all too often they are the primary failure mode.
The Workshop EFTSOMP – Workshop on Electric Fields, Turbulence and Self-Organization in Magnetized Plasmas is held annually as a satellite meeting of EPS Conference .

Demonstrate the MARTe2 framework features (hands on).Highlight the main differences between the MARTe1 and MARTe2 frameworks. Find synergies with-in the community for further developments and contributions.
32nd JT-60SA Technical Coordination Meeting.
Real Time Conference – A multidisciplinary conference devoted to the latest developments on realtime techniques in the fields of Plasma and Nuclear Fusion, particle physics, nuclear physics and astrophysics, space science, accelerators, medical physics, nuclear power instrumentation and other radiation instrumentation.

The focus of the meeting will be on applications of high current and powerful particle accelerators and sources, with particular attention to benefit of high current sources.

EUROfusion Project WPSA: “Preparation of JT-60SA exploitation” 2nd Project Planning Meeting

17th Broader Approach Steering Committee
10-11 December 2015
Padova (Italy)

Final meeting on 2015 activities regarding the EUROfusion Work Program on Heating and Current Drive (WPHCD)
December 16th – 18th 2015 – Padova

In this Workshop particular emphasis is placed on fast particle driven instabilities and their consequences, fast ion losses resulting from non-axisymmetric magnetic fields, and fast particle losses caused by background MHD.

WP12-SYS02 Working Session
21-25 January 2013 – Padova

The 19th ISHW and 16thRFP workshop this year will take place as a joint meeting. The increasing role of three dimensional effects in the RFP and the opportunity to use common tools suggests the development of a stronger link between the Stellarator and Reversed Field Pinch communities.

Consorzio RFX, Padova in collaboration with Caffé Pedrocchi hosted  the 17th Joint EU-US Transport Task Force Meeting” in combination with the “4th EFDA Transport Topical Group Meeting”, in Padova – Italy from 3 to 6 September 2012.