Announcement of the third deuterium-tritium experimental campaign – “DTE3” at JET

05/09/2023 Varie

The pioneering effort has successfully started at the iconic Joint European Torus fusion research facility (JET)”, EUROfusion reports.

Embark on a new chapter in European fusion energy research with Prof. Dr. Volker Naulin, Head of the Fusion Science Department at EUROfusion, as he introduces our third deuterium-tritium experimental campaign – “DTE3”.

Volker Naulin explores the DTE3 campaign’s aims and nuances. He elaborates on the “stepping stone” strategy, embodying collaborative innovation, and reminisces about JET’s enduring 40-year legacy. This rich history of European fusion research at JET has undeniably set the tone for the global fusion energy narrative.

The DTE3 campaign exemplifies the spirit of European #collaboration. By uniting a diversity of distinguished researchers and experts from nearly all of our 29 member nations, DTE3 will be setting the stage fusion research devices like #ITER, the European demonstration power plant DEMO, and future fusion power plants.

Consorzio RFX is heavily involved in this third Deuterium-tritium campaign through the leading roles played by some of his researchers.

Dr. Vianello, is one of the Deputy Task Force Leader of Tokamak Exploitation, in charge of preparing, running and monitoring the campaign. In particular Dr. Vianello is the reference Task Force Leader for two of the main programs which will be run on DTE3, relevant respectively for ITER, on an high performance integrated scenario combining fusion power performances with capability of properly handling the exhaust power, and DEMO with an high radioactive scenarios.

All the information collected will pave the route towards the successful operation of future larger devices.